Prenatal Massage and Postnatal Massage at Perpetuity Skin + Spa

Massage is known to have many benefits for everyone, but there are some benefits for expectant and new mothers that are not so well known. These benefits are truly amazing! Perpetuity Skin + Spa offers the best therapy tailored to prenatal and postnatal mothers, who, more than most of us, really deserve to feel great.

Prenatal massage performed during pregnancy can help relieve muscle tightness, decrease anxiety and depression, and also help with joint pain. According to the American Pregnancy Association, prenatal massage can also improve labor outcomes and newborn health if massage is incorporated into regular prenatal care. Stress is greatly reduced due to massage, and this is a huge reason for the improved well-being of both mother and baby. Plus, harmful hormones are reduced, and beneficial hormones are increased! This happens all naturally in your body, thanks to massage!

Our Licenced Massage Therapists at Perpetuity Skin + Spa offer these moms the best treatments tailored to their body’s evolving needs. Many moms cite reduced back pain, reduced hip and joint pain, improved circulation, reduced swelling (those ankles!), and reduced muscle tension and the associated headaches of tightness. The result of feeling better is reduced stress and anxiety and better rest, sleeping better! It’s amazing how well you feel after a prenatal massage or postnatal massage at Perpetuity Skin + Spa.

So what about after the baby comes? Should you just stop getting your momma focused massages? NAH! You still deserve to feel amazing! In fact, you now deserve it more than ever! And, there are benefits for your changing body.

Postnatal massage is going to help in regulating your postpartum hormones and help you heal faster. This is important for you and for your baby so that you can both be at your best! Hormone regulation is also important to continue the stimulation of breast milk, if you decide to breastfeed.

You are going to be spending a lot of time tending to a new baby. You may not realize that you are holding your head differently while breastfeeding, or standing with a bit of a slouch, but all of the sudden your neck will be tight, or your low back will hurt. Plan ahead and massage will be able to help relieve the soreness from those tense and tight muscles. Not to mention, your body is still healing, and massage is a great way to facilitate that!

Possibly the number one reason for postnatal massage is stress relief. You have a lot going on with the new little one home, but don’t forget to take care of yourself! You deserve a little time for yourself and it is beneficial as well. It is worth it for everyone!

Call Perpetuity Skin + Spa to make your appointment, mama!


Elevate Your Massage Experience at Perpetuity Skin + Spa with CBD

If you’ve ever suffered from sore muscles or just wanted to indulge in some much-deserved self care, you’ve probably turned to massage therapy. Whether deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone, trigger point, or sport, you know a good massage can do wonders for body, mind, and spirit. The Massage Therapists at Perpetuity spoil you with these techniques, and are now adding CBD to the mix.

Massage therapy has been around for over 6,000 years, with its roots in the Hindu healing art of Ayurveda. Despite these ancient origins, massage is as popular and in-demand as ever, a trusted option to relieve pain, stress, and tension. But why is massage so overwhelmingly popular? Because it works. But for a modality that’s been around for literally thousands of years, it is incredibly adaptable to keep up with the times. A perfect example? The CBD Massage Experience at Perpetuity Skin + Spa.

First, what exactly is CBD oil? CBD oil is the CBD isolate pulled from the hemp plant through CO2 extraction and then diffused into a carrier oil, typically coconut-based MCT oil or hemp seed oil. Every CBD product, whether topical, tincture, edible, capsule or even bath bombs, is then made that CBD oil. Because massage incorporates some form of oil to make the therapist’s hands glide more easily over the skin, CBD oil makes the perfect addition to this deeply healing practice.

Why is CBD oil so beneficial for massage? Your skin is the largest organ of our body, and like the rest of your body, it has cannabinoid receptors, which are part of your body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS. The ECS is integral to keeping all of your body’s systems in balance, including mood, temperature, digestion, immunity, and even sleep. Because CBD has shown to interact positively with the ECS and cannabinoid receptors, it can help to support balance and to ease stress and pain. And since pure, hemp-derived CBD products are formulated to contain minimal or no THC, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without any psychoactive properties at Perpetuity Skin + Spa.

Our CBD Massage Experience combines the best of science and self-care to provide a deeply soothing, relaxing, and therapeutic experience. Using a Deep Tissue massage technique, our massage therapists leverage the healing power of CBD to treat sports recovery, injuries and sore muscles, elevating your general health and wellness, and improving your relaxation and stress relief.
Even if you regularly have massage therapy, you may notice CBD massage benefits can include an added level of calm, relaxation, and tension relief as the CBD oil sinks into the skin and begins to interact with your cannabinoid receptors. Another added CBD massage benefit is how good CBD oil is for the skin. Hemp-derived CBD oil is a natural source of omega fatty acids, terpenes, and vitamins, all of which nourish your skin. And because CBD oil is similar to other oils, it will leave your skin feeling deeply hydrated and replenished, without a sticky or oily residue.
Why wait? Book the best CBD massage near you here at Perpetuity Skin + Spa on Vista Avenue in Boise. Let our Licensed Massage Therapists spoil you today!


Cupping Might Be Your Next Favorite Self Care Treatment

Many of our Licensed Massage Therapists here at Perpetuity Skin + Spa are certified in a form of Massage called Cupping. Also known as myofascial decompression,
Cupping has been popular in Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures going back thousands of years, so this method of self-care goes way back. During a cupping session, a practitioner places round cups directly on your skin. The cup manually pumped to create a suction. The cups are then moved around on your skin, and in some cases, left on your skin for several minutes. The suction created by the cup encourages blood flow—and this increased circulation promotes healing and reduces pain.

Some people think of cupping as the opposite of massage because it works conversely to a traditional massage technique. Instead of applying pressure to the muscles with hands, cupping uses suction to lift your fascia, which are the connective tissues in your body and your muscles. This suction creates healthier fascia, which enables more flexibility and improved muscle recovery.

Cupping is also highly detoxifying. It pulls the blood and lymphatic fluids out to the surface of your skin and forces your system to recirculate all of that fluid. These body fluids will go back through your system and any toxins will be naturally processed. Cupping is a very deep and powerful treatment.

Finding an experienced massage therapist who specializes in cupping is key. The Licensed Massage Therapists at Perpetuity Skin + Spa are specifically trained in this type of massage, and these practitioners you can fully trust with such an important task of your everyday wellness, keep them in your weekly routine for your physical and mental health. Make an appointment today online or give us a call to organize a cupping session just for you!


Why Our Ultimate Refiner Facial is Your New BFF

Pores. Fine Lines. Dry patches. Who knew such a small characteristics could elicit such daily stress. Despite endless creams, serums and peels promising a pore-free and ageless complexion, you can’t physically change the size of your pores or erase those lines for good. But there are things you can do to minimize their appearance, which will give you a break from fussing over them in the mirror. Perpetuity Skin + Spa’s Ultimate Refiner Facial is the ultimate in non-laser skin refinishing, cleansing and hydrating at once, leaving behind smoother, younger looking skin.

After one treatment of the Ultimate Refiner Facial, you will experience a refreshing and non-irritating treatment appropriate for all skin types. As one of our most popular in office facial treatments, the Ultimate Refiner Facial has become the go-to facial for many of our clients who are targeting dryness, acne and signs of aging. This is the best facial because it has it all!

Perpetuity Skin + Spa’s Ultimate Refiner Facial is a 75 minute treatment that includes deep, suction cleanse, manual and chemical exfoliation, extractions and hydration with serums that are infused into pores with a pen-like device. You will also receive an amazing neck, shoulder and arm massage, it’s pure bliss. You will leave feeling great and looking great with the best facial in Boise. Book now using our online booking system, our spa’s app available in your app store, or by calling us at 208-996-3090. We can’t wait to get you back to feeling good again, in Perpetuity Skin + Spa.


Floatation Therapy and the Novel Coronavirus


Perpetuity Skin + Spa’s vision is to be your trusted guide to sustainable self-care. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our clients and personnel. We were open only a few months before we paused operations but build a great following of who we call our “do gooders” – people who prioritize their self-care so that can rejoin their lives feeling better, so they can do better. Further, we have extremely high standards for safety and our commitment to cleanliness and disinfection is unwavering. For facials and massage, each of our 8 spa treatment rooms has dedicated HVAC for air purity, as do each of our floatation therapy rooms. Floatation therapy can be a solution for those not yet ready to be in a room with a practitioner but are ready for the mind and body self-care they deserve. Float therapy is self-care – but socially distant 🙂

The magic is in the water. Firstly, the water in each float pod is mostly salt—a solution which is inherently sterile. In fact, there are over 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt in each of our float tanks. Perpetuity Skin + Spa’s floatation tanks have a state-of-the-art water purification system. We clinically disinfect and treat all of the saltwater in our pods using UV filtration and hydrogen peroxide. Between each session our water is completely purified 4 times with a 5-micron filter, as well as Ozone and/or UV Light technology to disinfect and purify the water. We also disinfect every surface and get the room ready to greet you and get you back to feeling good again.

With all the health news in the media right now, stress and anxiety continue to grow at an alarming rate. Stress is a leading contributor to becoming ill. Further, scientific research proves that floating lowers stress, anxiety and even depression. Floatation therapy’s low-impact environment gives your body time to rest and recuperate while allowing your immune system the opportunity to improve, strengthening your body’s ability to respond to stress and anxiety, mental or physical.

Perpetuity Skin + Spa welcomes all healthy individuals to come try floatation therapy for themselves. Experience the calm, peaceful relaxation that only a weightless, zero gravity environment can provide. Please give us a call to find out if float therapy is for you.


Your Perpetuity Skin + Spa Experience during COVID-19


The world is grappling with an issue of enormous scale and human impact, and our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).

At Perpetuity Skin + Spa, we believe it is our role and responsibility during this time to prioritize two things: the health and well-being of our customers and team members while also playing a constructive role in supporting local health officials and government leaders as they work to contain the virus. Through that lens, we will continue to make decisions with vigilance and courage informed by the latest science-based information and guided by Perpetuity’s vision to be your trusted, sustainable guide to self-care,

We will be outlining our new protocols for each client before they arrive, and our practitioners look forward to outlining each of the ways we are planning for the safety of each other while protecting the planet. Our space is new, each room has a dedicated HVAC system for air purity, and we follow the highest sanitation and cleanliness standards. That said, we appreciate your understanding that, as a customer, your Perpetuity Experience may look and feel differently than before. Our goal is to maintain our service offerings to the best of our abilities, but we are prepared to modify the operations with options that still allow us to deliver your favorite, feel good experiences.

Thank you for being a loyal client of Perpetuity Skin + Spa. It is our intent to remain transparent, providing the latest information on our efforts and services. We are privileged to serve you and this community and look forward to seeing you in the spa soon.


Self Care During COVID 19

Perpetuity Skin + Spa has paused its day spa operations, but our team has been in touch daily with one another (remotely, of course!) on how to continue to take the best care of ourselves during this time. Staying connected to one another helps us feel good, too, but this conversation also gets us focusing on our bodies, our minds, and our spirit during this unprecedented and stressful time. We rounded up a few of our favorite tips for managing to reduce anxiety and increase good feels, in Perpetuity (:

  1. Give Yourself a Break: baking cookies, watching a movie or just snuggling with a pet give your mind the respite it needs to manage the stress occurring around you. Allow yourself space to understand the new normal.
  2. Move It: even if you don’t feel like it, the mental benefits of physical exercise are significant. With gyms closed, there are still many apps and online venues to get inspiration for stretching techniques, strength building floor exercises or aerobic challenges like running around the block (in a safe distance!). Many of us are using our household chores to get a sweat on! And afterward, we get to bask in the glow of our freshly scrubbed floors!
  3. Disconnect: it’s important to stay informed, but the constant barrage of news can be overwhelming. Limit news and social media exposure to set windows of time (my personal goal is once in the morning and once before dinner) and turn off notifications. Whatever times you engage in allow plenty of time to disconnect before you go to sleep. Sleep is a critical ally in warding off stress related ailments.
  4. Attitude of Gratitude: take a moment to reflect on what is good. What feels good, does good, in your life, right now. These reflections bring hope, remind us what’s to look forward to.

These are uniquely challenging times, and taking care of you is vital. The team at Perpetuity Skin + Spa look forward to having you in for a feel good treatment or two (: Take good care now, more than ever.


Sugaring May Be Your Next Favorite Hair Removal Spa Service


Who doesn’t love smooth, fresh skin? We’ve all tried waxing and shaving – but have you ever tried sugaring? Sugaring is actually a really safe and organic alternative to traditional waxing. The sugar paste is made of just three simple ingredients: sugar, lemon juice, and water. The difference between sugaring and waxing is the direction in which the paste is applied. Sugaring gets the hair out at the root every time. We applied the paste using our fingers—in gloves of course—that way, we’re able to get the substance right to the root. Then, we flick it off and the hair taken out in the direction of growth, so there is no breakage. We get a nice, easy removal.

Want a preview of the sugaring process? After the initial consultation, we have the client get up onto the treatment bed to be prepped. We use a cleanser to clean the area to be sugared, then we powder to dry the area, so the sugar paste isn’t too sticky on their skin. From there, we’ll start the process. We use a double glove system, which means the esthetician will have a set of biodegradable gloves on her hands as she preps you and gets you ready. As soon she’s ready to grab the sugar, she puts on a second glove. She takes the sugar out, and she uses the ball of sugar until it’s either full of hair or just the consistency isn’t right anymore. Then, she will throw away that glove, grab the next glove, and that gloves goes directly into the jar of sugar. There is absolutely no double dipping here.

If it’s a Brazilian service, and it’s your first time, she’ll explain to you how she will proceed to ensure you’re totally comfortable. After the treatment is complete, she’ll clean you off. What’s great about sugaring versus waxing is wax doesn’t always come off so easily, but sugar is water soluble. So, should it get on your hair, or your fingers, or be on your leg or wherever, we can wipe it right off, and easily. Sugar paste literally comes off in two seconds.

How long does my hair need to be? Your hair needs to be as long as a grain of rice to do sugaring. We recommend that you at least let the hair grow enough that you can pinch it. A safe bet is a month out from the last time that you shaved or waxed.

But won’t it hurt? The old adage is true: every time you shave your hair, you’re only strengthening it and making it thicker. On top of that, hair grows back in different cycles if you shave frequently. That makes hair more difficult to grab. Sugaring can be a little more jarring when it’s your first time. When we sugar someone for the first time, we’re breaking down the strength of the hair. The more you sugar, the thinner the hair grows and the less painful your next session will be.

What about post sugaring? The biggest thing we’re trying to prevent is ingrown hairs, so since your pores are open, you don’t want to sweat heavily because that all proliferates into the follicle. Skip the gym that day and avoid sweaty situations 😉 If it’s something where you absolutely can’t help but sweat, we always tell people to go and take a cold shower and close those pores back up. After a sugaring session, you also want to exfoliate every three days to prevent ingrown hairs. Generally, ingrown hairs come from dead skins falling off and going into follicles from sweat. So try and exfoliate in the shower regularly after your appointment to ensure that smooth skin lasts and lasts.

Float Therapy – What to Expect

What is Float Therapy?
Flotation Therapy is a luxurious way to soothe and heal the body from the constant stress of life’s daily pressure you can leave the noise and confusion behind and perhaps, for the first time in your life, experience total relaxation and deep healing in your private, peaceful space. At Perpetuity, floating is truly the ultimate escape.

Who Should Try Float Therapy?
Floating, as with other treatments, does not suit everybody. It requires willingness on your part to let go and see what happens, and you may need to float a few times before you are able to relax completely, both physically and mentally. Depending on your own journey through life, a float might provide an hour of total physical relaxation – or a profound healing experience, emotionally and spiritually transforming. Floating can be a wonderful aid to opening doors into your inner world, gradually allowing access to those deeper levels at which real changes take place.

We do not recommend use tank for epileptics whose epilepsy is not under medical control, for anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or for those with infectious diseases or open skin wounds.

We suggest pregnant women inform their physicians and midwives or get their opinion prior to using the tank. The reports received from pregnant women have been enthusiastic. As their bodies get heavier, floating is a great relief from the pull of gravity. Floating has given many women a welcome rest.

People who say they are afraid to use the tank because they are claustrophobic probably assume, they will be confined in an enclosed space. You can use the tank with the door open if you wish and are in complete control of the situation. You can get in and out whenever you want. In our experience, most people who are afraid of being claustrophobic find they are okay once they are in the tank.

We have a filtration system that runs after each session. There is more than 800 pounds of medical grade Epsom salt dissolved in the tank – a concentration so high no living microorganism can survive. In addition, an ultra-violet light sterilization system is used. UV is the safest, most effective system available and uses the same technology as water purification systems used for drinking water. To maintain cleanliness, a shower is mandatory before floating.

What Should I expect for my float?

  • Don’t shave 8 hours before (salt can sting open cuts).
  • Everything you need for your float is provided (towel, ear plugs, shampoo, conditioner, and q-tips). Nothing to bring with you but an open mind.
  • Swimsuit not necessary.
  • Light meal an hour before your float (suggested, but not necessary), and as little caffeine as possible.

Please arrive about 10 minutes before your float to get checked in and acquainted with the space.

How Do I Prepare to Float?

  1. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time. We will greet you, offer a tour and answer any of your questions; we want you to feel welcome and relaxed.
  2. Once you enter the float room, remove your clothes and all jewelry. Shower to remove oils, fragrances and hair products; all shower and float essentials are provided for you.
  3. Dry your face to avoid distracting water droplets, insert your foam ear plugs and step into the tank.
  4. Lie back, resting your head into the water, legs extended and arms over your head or extended at your side. Your ears will be under the water line, but your face will remain above it. Find what’s comfortable for you.
  5. The audio will gently fade on and a chime will sound when your session is complete.
  6. Exit the tank, then shower again to remove any salty residue. Once you’re dressed, please exit the room to make way for our next floater.

What Should I Expect After I Float?
After the float is over feel free to hang out, read, chat, or just bask in your post-float glow.
Stay as long or as little as you like after your float is over.


Facials 101 – Common Questions + What to Expect

Will I break out?
The short answer is no. The products we use are not irritating to the skin and should not cause breakout to your skin’s surface. In fact, having a facial is recommended to speed the skin’s healing process and relieve the discomfort of current acne lesions.

What products do you use?
We have two product lines we use to get your skin back to feeling good again. We use our own formulations of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, our Perpetuity Face Oil, Perpetuity Bioactive Serum and Perpetuity Botanical Mist. Our products provide benefits you can see and feel, all natural and feel amazing! To complement our line, we use The Body Deli’s cleansers, masks, exfoliants and moisturizers. Talk about Mother Nature’s best and brightest! We love this brand due to its dedication to staying as natural as possible while still delivering results that are only possible to achieve when using high levels of active ingredients. From the environmentally friendly packaging to the contents, The Body Deli is an incredible source for safe, effective skin care and uses only food grade preservatives, no synthetic dyes and only the best cold-pressed essential oils for fragrance.

What should I expect after my facial?
You will leave your service feeling hydrated and relaxed and your skin will look healthy and glowing. If your appointment is later in the afternoon or evening, we typically prepare your skin for night and no cleansing is necessary before bed. If your service is completed early in the day, sun protection products will be applied and cleansing before bed will be recommended.

I’m pregnant, can I get a facial?
Yes. Facials during pregnancy are especially important during pregnancy for many reasons. Your skin can be reflective of the hormonal changes occurring within your body and having regular services can help alleviate some of the symptoms (i.e. breakout, increased redness and sensitivity) when your usual products may be off-limits. Facials can also be a wonderful relaxation tool which can keep your blood pressure at a healthy level.

Should I get a facial before an important event?
Absolutely! Your skin will look healthy and glowing directly after your service.

Can I wear makeup to my appointment?
Of course! a deep cleansing service is always provided and will remove any dirt, oil or debris from your skin. We’ll take good care of your skin, and to start, get it super clean!

What if I have sensitive skin? Can I still have a facial?
There are many factors involved in sensitive skin and sometimes a facial service can help determine through diagnosis what you can do at home to both offer relief for your current state as well as prevent your condition from worsening. We also have a facial protocol specifically designed for sensitive skin; our Calming Facial uses the gentlest products designed just for your type.

Can I do hair removal with my facial?
Yes. This is done routinely and is no problem to accommodate.