Our Team

Ari, Nail Technician

Ari is Perpetuity’s most artsy JOYMAKER! And yet also, Ari has always had such a passion for people. Ari quickly grasped significance from the quote “feel good do good”, which you may find on the walls of Perpetuity, but with her artistic and social skills, Ari does good work, and it feels good, so she’s a perfect fit. Ari believes a simple way to start this chain affect is by providing nails services to those in her community ☺ she also lives in our neighborhood. As she chose a career as a nail technician, Ari found she can fulfill her two drives in life: creating art, and helping people. PLUS, she is the sweetest! And her creativity is off the charts! Come get on her nail schedule for your regular me-time, in Perpetuity 💞

Bailey, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master

Bailey was drawn to Massage Therapy simply for her passion of being a facilitator in treating the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual elements of all beings. With a background in Western Medicine over the years, she has come to an awakening that everybody has far more healing capabilities within. She believes energy work is just as important as treating the physical body as trapped emotions play a huge role in disease. In her free time, she loves to do hot yoga, go on adventures with her husband, their daughter Bonnie, and their goldendoodle, Bindi. Bailey is also a wicked to cook!

Briana, Guest Services Coordinator

Briana is one of our longest serving team members; she makes your appointments, checks you in, supports your float therapy treatments, gets you some water and is all around just a great human. Briana works at Perpetuity “mostly for the insane employee discount” – well, she greatly values spa experiences without question.

Edgar, Licensed Massage Therapist

Our Licensed Massage Therapist Edgar believes a huge part of what drew him to massage therapy was as a child noticing his stressed parents, and how much massage therapy helped each of them afterward, both mentally and physically. His passion for aiding others in physical and mental relief led him to massage school here in Boise, and he did his internship right here at Perpetuity Skin + Spa, getting input and feedback from our regular clients about his approach, his energy, his pressure and his client experience. He received such great client feedback as an intern, we hired him immediately. Edgar believes in balancing the heart & mind, and learning that balance is itself self care. Be it emotional, physical or mental stresses, Edgar’s hope is his massage can provide you relief. In his free time, he loves skateboarding, traveling (just left with his GF for Kauai!) and enjoying fun adventures both near and far.

Kathryn, Guest Services Coordinator

Our guest services team have your best interest in mind! When you call here you often speak to Kathryn, who will help you spend your time, and your investment in your wellbeing! She’s got a family, a lot of history in business, and a ton of passion for this industry, so win win, in Perpetuity.

Lizzie, Esthetician + Nail Technician

Our Lizzie has worked at Perpetuity since we opened, and she loves being here so much, she decided to go to Esthetics school! And then she went to nail school! She is a double agent, a switch hitter, and a very good person to know if you need an eyebrow wax AND a manicure. Visit Lizzie for eye lash extensions, facials and more! When she’s not working, Lizzie is definitely with her kitty, Baby, hiking with her boyfriend, or watching many a reality TV show (especially of the dating/relational arena). Lizzie has a passion for people, and for all things skin care. Book with Lizzie and get back to feeling good again, in Perpetuity;)

Mya, Esthetician

Mya has a passion for helping clients feel beautiful and happy in their skin, and they literally do, as her specialty is facial massage and lymphatic drainage. Mya has 6 years of experience as a licensed esthetician. She was drawn to esthetics when she was young due to her own issues with her skin. She had dermatitis, which was hard to control and even caused hair loss. She repaired her skin by learning how to care for it and treat it correctly. She takes pride in listening to her clients’ concerns, tailoring treatments to their specific needs and sending them home with a plan to reach their goals. She brings ultimate relaxation to every service and ensures her clients leave happy and glowing. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking with her furbaby, relaxing in hot springs, doing anything outside or having dinner parties with her friends and family.

Sarah, Massage Therapist + Esthetician

Sarah is a dual licenses self-care professional, as she’s certified as a massage therapist and as an esthetician. Sarah has been practicing massage since 2017 and esthetics since 2019. Her love of learning continually pushes her to grow in her skills and learn new modalities. Being dual-licensed allows her to really treat the entire person, from your aches and pains to any skin concerns. Sarah loves to get into what she can do to truly help you feel like a million dollars. Her weekends are spent reading, playing with her pups, listening to live music, and going on as many adventures with her husband as she can.

Temple, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor

Temple is a movement and massage specialist providing therapeutic yoga, qigong, massage, sound and vibrational healing, and energy work to all ages interested in wellness, transformation, and a fuller expression of their true nature. She is a world traveled and educated practitioner of massage and movement. Having worked 7 years in New York and trained under masters of holistic practice, she has refined her own style of body work. Integrating ancient techniques from her studies in Bali and Thailand, Temple’s method stands apart in synthesis of body, mind, and spirit. As a body worker, Temple’s mission is to support your wellness and natural radiance. Together with her clients, she aims to achieve this goal through a combination of Thai body work, energy work, and other massage modalities. In addition, she offers yoga, qigong, and meditation classes to support the fullest expression of her client’s true nature. “Presence is the essence that heals” is Temple’s motto. Come see why her presence is the healing you’ve been missing in your life.