Our Story

At Perpetuity, we believe feeling good is more than skin deep. We believe the better you feel, the better you’ll do, in your relationships, in your workplace, and within yourself. Feeling good helps everyone around you, and our team is here to be your guide to sustainable self care.

Our Values

We're Natural

Our goal is simple: deliver products and services to our clients that heal the mind and body holistically, using natural and organic ingredients. Just like the food we eat, we believe that fresh, natural, wholesome ingredients are the best for your skin's health. Plants and minerals can be beautifully powerful and take excellent care of your skin when used properly.

We’re Fair

Perpetuity is all about a fair deal. We are committed to a win-for-all business philosophy whereby our employees are paid fairly. The price you see for services is the price you pay, fair and square, and tipping is not expected nor is it a part of our client check out process.

We Care

Our value is in people first, and we truly care about each our clients, and our fellow humans. Our practitioners strive to get you back to feeling your best. With this in mind, Perpetuity also funds a “Do Good” program, providing feel good services at no charge to those who do good in our community. Keeping those who do good feeling amazing helps everyone :)

Our Story

At Perpetuity, we believe feeling good is more than skin deep. It goes beyond relaxed muscles, softer skin and a glowing, renewed energy. We believe the better you feel, the better you do, in your relationships, in your work, in your life. We believe in the power of self care. Take a moment for yourself, you won’t regret it.

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What our clients say

"I enjoyed a float and de-stress massage. The staff was professional and customized my experience. Great way to feel good again! Will be back!"

- Sara Newton

Our Products

Bring some good feels into your space with Perpetuity Skin + Spa’s signature products. Our self care goodies, skin care essentials and custom gift boxes will brighten your day, rejuvenate your environment and invite your senses to take a moment, you totally deserve it.

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