What CBD Does to Your Sore Muscles? (Hint …it’s all good)

CBD is everywhere it seems. But what does it do for your body? Everyone who has ever worked out knows what sore muscles and muscle fatigue feels like. When we work out, we create microscopic, little tears in muscles. This then leads to inflammation, producing soreness and fatigue. CBD has well-known anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. One way to integrate CBD as a treatment for the inflammation responsible for muscle pain and fatigue is to apply a CBD-infused salve directly to the affected area.

That’s where we come in. The CBD Massage Experience at Perpetuity Skin + Spa has your bod ready to feel good again during this 90-minute deep tissue treatment. For those who have a rigorous workout schedule, this massage has been a blessing! Pain, aches, and swelling are common occurrences for those who exercise regularly. Straining your body for that extra set of push-ups, lifting heavy weights daily, or pushing reasonably beyond your comfort level should be no reason for a fitness enthusiast to suffer pain and inflammation. The massage therapists at Perpetuity feel you! Once you are really absorbed in pain, it can hinder your workout routine and disrupt all your fitness goals, and we can’t have that, can we? The CBD absorbed during your relaxing massage therapy will help relieve those stressed muscles and get you back to fitness focus faster.

What else does CBD help with? Sleep! Your body needs a good rest! Muscle strains, aches and energy drainage are frequent events. No matter if it is a strain to joints or numbing pain in your back, adequate rest is required to recover from such injuries. Moreover, proper sleep will aid in muscle growth and help you concentrate on diet and fitness routine. CBD can improve your sleep duration as well as sleep quality by releasing a relaxing effect on your central nervous system. Besides aiding muscle growth and recovery, a good sleeping habit improves hormonal balance, reduces stress and increases overall immunity, all of which are crucial to maintaining your fitness. CBD with a massage here in Boise, Idaho will get you the rest you deserve.

At Perpetuity Skin + Spa, our CBD vendor of choice is a USDA organic certified, farm to shelf sustainable manufacturer of CBD products called Green Gorilla. Green Gorilla has the most high-quality, organic CBD Botanical Balms on the market. We use their products in our massage therapy treatments and also sell them to our clients in our lobby.

Exhaustion, pain and discomfort are inevitable in your journey to a healthy body. CBD massage therapy can take care of such troubles so that you can focus on your fitness goals without worries. CBD not only helps with specific issues related to fitness and bodybuilding, but it also improves your overall immunity and mental setup so that you get fitter, both mentally and physically.

Book your CBD massage anytime online. Get back to the best therapeutic physical treatment your body is ready for, …what are you waiting for?

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Prenatal Massage and Postnatal Massage at Perpetuity Skin + Spa

Massage is known to have many benefits for everyone, but there are some benefits for expectant and new mothers that are not so well known. These benefits are truly amazing! Perpetuity Skin + Spa offers the best therapy tailored to prenatal and postnatal mothers, who, more than most of us, really deserve to feel great.

Prenatal massage performed during pregnancy can help relieve muscle tightness, decrease anxiety and depression, and also help with joint pain. According to the American Pregnancy Association, prenatal massage can also improve labor outcomes and newborn health if massage is incorporated into regular prenatal care. Stress is greatly reduced due to massage, and this is a huge reason for the improved well-being of both mother and baby. Plus, harmful hormones are reduced, and beneficial hormones are increased! This happens all naturally in your body, thanks to massage!

Our Licenced Massage Therapists at Perpetuity Skin + Spa offer these moms the best treatments tailored to their body’s evolving needs. Many moms cite reduced back pain, reduced hip and joint pain, improved circulation, reduced swelling (those ankles!), and reduced muscle tension and the associated headaches of tightness. The result of feeling better is reduced stress and anxiety and better rest, sleeping better! It’s amazing how well you feel after a prenatal massage or postnatal massage at Perpetuity Skin + Spa.

So what about after the baby comes? Should you just stop getting your momma focused massages? NAH! You still deserve to feel amazing! In fact, you now deserve it more than ever! And, there are benefits for your changing body.

Postnatal massage is going to help in regulating your postpartum hormones and help you heal faster. This is important for you and for your baby so that you can both be at your best! Hormone regulation is also important to continue the stimulation of breast milk, if you decide to breastfeed.

You are going to be spending a lot of time tending to a new baby. You may not realize that you are holding your head differently while breastfeeding, or standing with a bit of a slouch, but all of the sudden your neck will be tight, or your low back will hurt. Plan ahead and massage will be able to help relieve the soreness from those tense and tight muscles. Not to mention, your body is still healing, and massage is a great way to facilitate that!

Possibly the number one reason for postnatal massage is stress relief. You have a lot going on with the new little one home, but don’t forget to take care of yourself! You deserve a little time for yourself and it is beneficial as well. It is worth it for everyone!

Call Perpetuity Skin + Spa to make your appointment, mama!


Elevate Your Massage Experience at Perpetuity Skin + Spa with CBD

If you’ve ever suffered from sore muscles or just wanted to indulge in some much-deserved self care, you’ve probably turned to massage therapy. Whether deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone, trigger point, or sport, you know a good massage can do wonders for body, mind, and spirit. The Massage Therapists at Perpetuity spoil you with these techniques, and are now adding CBD to the mix.

Massage therapy has been around for over 6,000 years, with its roots in the Hindu healing art of Ayurveda. Despite these ancient origins, massage is as popular and in-demand as ever, a trusted option to relieve pain, stress, and tension. But why is massage so overwhelmingly popular? Because it works. But for a modality that’s been around for literally thousands of years, it is incredibly adaptable to keep up with the times. A perfect example? The CBD Massage Experience at Perpetuity Skin + Spa.

First, what exactly is CBD oil? CBD oil is the CBD isolate pulled from the hemp plant through CO2 extraction and then diffused into a carrier oil, typically coconut-based MCT oil or hemp seed oil. Every CBD product, whether topical, tincture, edible, capsule or even bath bombs, is then made that CBD oil. Because massage incorporates some form of oil to make the therapist’s hands glide more easily over the skin, CBD oil makes the perfect addition to this deeply healing practice.

Why is CBD oil so beneficial for massage? Your skin is the largest organ of our body, and like the rest of your body, it has cannabinoid receptors, which are part of your body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS. The ECS is integral to keeping all of your body’s systems in balance, including mood, temperature, digestion, immunity, and even sleep. Because CBD has shown to interact positively with the ECS and cannabinoid receptors, it can help to support balance and to ease stress and pain. And since pure, hemp-derived CBD products are formulated to contain minimal or no THC, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without any psychoactive properties at Perpetuity Skin + Spa.

Our CBD Massage Experience combines the best of science and self-care to provide a deeply soothing, relaxing, and therapeutic experience. Using a Deep Tissue massage technique, our massage therapists leverage the healing power of CBD to treat sports recovery, injuries and sore muscles, elevating your general health and wellness, and improving your relaxation and stress relief.
Even if you regularly have massage therapy, you may notice CBD massage benefits can include an added level of calm, relaxation, and tension relief as the CBD oil sinks into the skin and begins to interact with your cannabinoid receptors. Another added CBD massage benefit is how good CBD oil is for the skin. Hemp-derived CBD oil is a natural source of omega fatty acids, terpenes, and vitamins, all of which nourish your skin. And because CBD oil is similar to other oils, it will leave your skin feeling deeply hydrated and replenished, without a sticky or oily residue.
Why wait? Book the best CBD massage near you here at Perpetuity Skin + Spa on Vista Avenue in Boise. Let our Licensed Massage Therapists spoil you today!


Cupping Might Be Your Next Favorite Self Care Treatment

Many of our Licensed Massage Therapists here at Perpetuity Skin + Spa are certified in a form of Massage called Cupping. Also known as myofascial decompression,
Cupping has been popular in Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures going back thousands of years, so this method of self-care goes way back. During a cupping session, a practitioner places round cups directly on your skin. The cup manually pumped to create a suction. The cups are then moved around on your skin, and in some cases, left on your skin for several minutes. The suction created by the cup encourages blood flow—and this increased circulation promotes healing and reduces pain.

Some people think of cupping as the opposite of massage because it works conversely to a traditional massage technique. Instead of applying pressure to the muscles with hands, cupping uses suction to lift your fascia, which are the connective tissues in your body and your muscles. This suction creates healthier fascia, which enables more flexibility and improved muscle recovery.

Cupping is also highly detoxifying. It pulls the blood and lymphatic fluids out to the surface of your skin and forces your system to recirculate all of that fluid. These body fluids will go back through your system and any toxins will be naturally processed. Cupping is a very deep and powerful treatment.

Finding an experienced massage therapist who specializes in cupping is key. The Licensed Massage Therapists at Perpetuity Skin + Spa are specifically trained in this type of massage, and these practitioners you can fully trust with such an important task of your everyday wellness, keep them in your weekly routine for your physical and mental health. Make an appointment today online or give us a call to organize a cupping session just for you!


Relax! Why Not to be Scared of Deep Tissue Massage

The Deep Tissue Massage is not for the faint of heart. As the massage is done for knots, stiffness, chronic pain, muscle tightness and contracted areas, your therapist will use pressure and apply deep strokes to make everything back to normal again. To break your painful and stubborn knots, deep pressure is applied. A group of rigid tissues are termed as knots. Your therapist will even use a friction technique by going against the grain of your tissues to assist in the realignment of tissue fibers.

Why should I opt for this sometimes uncomfortable treatment?
The discomfort after the deep tissue massage can be similar to that of an athlete after an intense workout. Soreness is a positive sign which indicates the muscles are responding. Deep tissue massage is also scientifically proven to reduce the level of stress, if done regularly.

How can I mitigate the soreness, occurred after the massage?
here are several things you may do to relieve any soreness felt as the result of a deep tissue massage. If you are going for the massage, staying hydrated beforehand is important. Massage therapists recommend keeping your body hydrated before and after the massage, after all, hydrated muscles are healthier and respond better to deep tissue massage.

What other advantages can I expect as a result of the deep tissue massage?
Deep tissue massage has long-lasting and scientifically proven benefits:

  1. Helps in the treating of chronic back pain
  2. Aids in lowering blood pressure
  3. Breaks up muscular knots and scar tissue
  4. Reduces muscle tension and other stress symptoms
  5. It’s a natural, effective (and perfectly legal!) performance-enhancing practice for athletes

The benefits of deep tissue massage are excellent in treating many body issues and suites many people. Book an appointment today to experience these benefits. Our team of massage therapists will help your body to get back to feeling good again. Look no further, a Deep Tissue Massage near you is at Perpetuity Skin + Spa.


Body Massage in Boise – Tips for Everyone


There are several types of massage that focus on different parts of the body or healing approaches. Massage is the practice of rubbing and kneading the body using the hands. During a massage at Perpetuity Skin + Spa, a massage therapist will apply gentle or strong pressure to the muscles and joints of the body to ease pain and tension.

Perpetuity Skin + Spa offers a signature Relaxation Massage in Boise. This massage is great for those who are new to massage, have a lot of tension, or just know what they like to relax. The Relaxation Massage helps loosen knots through a combination of kneading, long, flowing strokes, and deep circular motions, vibration and tapping, and passive joint movement techniques.

Our Certified Massage Therapists may incorporate hot stones into the Relaxation Massage if you wish. Hot stones added to massage is best for people who have muscle pain and tension or who simply want to relax. Hot stones ease muscle tension, improve blood flow, and relieve pain.The heated stones are placed on different areas around your whole body. Your therapist may hold a stone as they massage different parts of your body using gentle pressure. Sometimes cold stones are also used.

Aromatherapy is also incorporated into our Relaxation Massage. Aromatherapy within a massage is best for people who want to have an emotional healing component to their massage. Aromatherapy can help boost your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, relieve muscle tension and relieve pain. Aromatherapy massages combine soft, gentle pressure with the use of essential oils,. Your massage therapist will usually decide which essential oils to use, but you can let them know if you have a preference. Essential oils are diluted before being applied to the skin.During the Relaxation Massage with Aromatherapy, you’ll be given a full-body massage while inhaling essential oils through a diffuser and absorbing them through your skin.

We offer our Relaxation Massage for 30-60–90 minutes.

Perpetuity Skin + Spa also offers Deep Tissue Massage in Boise. Deep tissue massage uses more pressure than our Relaxation Massage. It’s a good option if you have chronic muscle problems, such as soreness, injury, or imbalance. It can help relieve tight muscles, chronic muscle pain, and anxiety.
During our Deep Tissue Massage, your massage therapist will use slow strokes and deep finger pressure to relieve tension from the deepest layers of your muscles and connective tissues. While deep tissue may be more intense, you shouldn’t feel any pain or soreness.

We offer Our Deep Tissue Massage for 60–90 minutes.



The body requires magnesium for the muscles to relax. Soaking in a float tank prior to a massage provides the added benefit of the muscles getting to that state of relaxation before the massage even begins. With your muscles relaxed, your massage therapist will be able to access the layers of tension more quickly and can work deeper, with less effort, producing significant changes and longer lasting results to your body.

A massage/float combination is an amazingly relaxing & rejuvenating experience. You will leave feeling extremely relaxed and peaceful. You may find that this could possibly be one of the most relaxing experiences you will ever have!

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How to Book a Great Body Massage Near You

Massages are a common treatment for sore, stiff muscles and other body pain, but making your appointment can be overwhelming due to the variety of options available. If you want to have a relaxing spa experience, you can book a massage online. Always be sure to check online reviews, social media postings and the company’s website. Understanding a spa’s reviews and online persona will ease your hesitation if it is a new establishment or it’s your first visit there.

To make an appointment for a massage, you’ll firstly pick the type of massage that best meets your needs. At Perpetuity Skin + Spa, our Relaxation massage is a good choice to soothe sore and stiff muscles. You should consider this type of massage if it is your first time. Our deep tissue massage is used on those who have severe muscle pain. This type of massage focused pressure to relieve severe pain and tension throughout the body. If you’re experienced with massages and are dealing with severe pain, choose this massage. This type of massage might be less pleasant for beginners and people with arthritis or other forms of chronic pain. You can also ask your Perpetuity Skin + Spa massage practitioner to recommend a type of massage to address your specific issues.
If this is your first massage, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the options. When you contact us at Perpetuity Skin + Spa, just let us know, and us them a little bit about your needs. All we need to know is your time constraints, gender preference for your massage therapist, and what you’d like to get out of the massage, and we’ll get you all set to feel good again.

Another way to enjoy the best massage is to follow massage etiquette. First, always arrive on time for your appointment. This will give you plenty of time to relax and will not send you and your massage therapist into a massage in a rush, or worse, have to cut the massage short. Always allow plenty of time for travel to the spa, and arrive 5-10 minutes early to complete any needed paperwork. At Perpetuity Skin + Spa, our forms are all able to be offered online, removing one-time pressure from your experience. Perpetuity Skin + Spa also has plenty of free on-site parking, so no hassles before your massage looking for a space!

You also want to be comfortable during the massage. You should undress to your comfort level. During the massage, your therapist will only expose the parts of the body that are working on at that time. Of course, you can also let your massage therapist know if there are any other parts of your body you are uncomfortable uncovering. This massage is all about YOU. At Perpetuity Skin + Spa we also ask about your oil preferences, music preferences, scent preferences and whether you like cold or hot towels for your treatment. Tailoring a massage to your individual needs and preferences is the mission of Perpetuity Skin + Spa.

Then, close your eyes and enjoy your massage. If ever you experience pain, speak up. It’s normal to feel some mild discomfort when a massage therapist is working on sore muscles. Don’t be afraid to tune out and let your mind wander. If you fall asleep, your therapist will wake you at the end of your appointment.
Get ready to feel good again! Book your massage today at Perpetuity Skin + Spa!