Body Massage Apr 4, 2024

Deep Tissue Massage on The Boise Bench

Ashiatsu Massage: A Deep, Yet Relaxing Experience

Ashiatsu massage is a deep tissue massage technique that is highly effective, and highly efficient. One of our clients said, “it’s like I just got two massages!” Ashiatsu massage, also known as barefoot massage, might be the answer you’re looking for if you like that deep pressure vibe. This style of massage uses the therapist’s feet instead of hands to deliver a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience. And most often the question of cleanliness comes up, and if you’ve been in our spa you know, hygiene is a core value for us. Just like with a massage or facial, we wash our hands. For Ashiatsu Massage, our massage therapists meticulously clean their feet before each session, ensuring a hygienic and comfortable experience.

What makes this technique so effective is the gliding strokes along the whole body. The massage therapist’s soles apply smooth, gliding pressure, moving blood and lymph while reaching deeper muscle layers. This feels more comfortable for the client than pressure from elbows or forearms. Gravity assists, too. The massage therapist positioning and gravity work together to allow your tissues to respond more effectively to the massage. There is also a different draping technique deployed in Ashiatsu. Unlike traditional deep tissue massages where your whole body is exposed, Ashiatsu uses a half-drape, or if you can imagine a long skinny blanket from your neck to your ankles, which allows the massage therapist to do those gliding strokes from your shoulders on downward, without needing to move the blankets, and keeping you comfortable throughout the session.

Yes, this feels amazing, but the benefits to muscle tension and pain are tremendous in this style of deep tissue massage. Ashiatsu’s deep pressure helps release chronic pain and tension. Another benefit is the improved circulation. These gliding strokes promote healthy blood and lymph flow throughout the body. Then there are the benefits of this technique to the massage therapists themselves. By using their feet, therapists can avoid repetitive strain injuries common in hand massages. Ashiatsu massage is a safe massage to give, and to get, here at Perpetuity Skin + Spa.

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