Body Massage Oct 20, 2022

I’ve Got Knots!

The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling down (we hear). There’s a change of energy yet vitality is in the air. Maybe the nicer days have you outside running or riding your bike along the Boise River. Or you’re putting your garden to bed, pulling, raking, canning. Whatever it is that you are doing, you may be starting to feel some muscle tension, and may even be feeling pain from muscle knots. But “knots” aren’t literally knots, they’re areas where muscle fibers contract together and limit blood flow. They can cause stiffness, immobility, and pain. Many contracted muscle fibers in the same area create this evil little “knot.” Because these fibers are already contracted, their strength and range of motion is greatly reduced. That’s when you feel it!

Ouch. This cycle of pain and dysfunction can cause muscles to become weak, mad, and just less functional. And then, the knot can refer to other muscle groups, like a gang, making them contract, too. When a muscle is knotted it restricts blood flow, and then oxygen and nutrients have a harder time finding their way deep into the muscle, and so it is harder to process the elimination of waste. Ever felt a crunch when massaging an area? That crunchy feeling can be scar tissue, metabolic waste buildup, or fascial adhesions in your muscle, and that’s a knot.

So, what to do…? We’ve got some ideas!

1. Massage can help relieve pain, AND massage can prevent knots. Massage is your friend, massage is the enemy of knots. Making a regular appointment for massage is a huge investment, and also working with the same therapist can help you both see the progress of the time spent together.

2. Relax. Relaxation as a state of mind is a huge part of relieving muscle tension. The body, mind and spirit are all connected. Stress is held in muscles, and you’ve heard the expression “muscle memory.” Be patient with yourself, try and breathe and ease your mind. Relaxing is easy to recommend, and hard to practice, but meditation and quiet time can really help.

3. Try float therapy. Float therapy helps the body heal itself. The Epsom salts help calm the body and heal the muscles, and has been proven to reduce chronic pain by allowing the body to maintain its internal homeostasis. When it is in this state the body produces endorphins to help relieve pain, an amazing form of self healing. Float therapy also allows for deep relaxation and focused attention, which are the two most important elements for motivating oneself to accomplish specific goals, like a new state of mind or letting go of disempowering beliefs.

4. Try all three, at Perpetuity Skin + Spa. We offer a bundle of massage and float therapy, or give us a call to find the right time to begin your healing.

You deserve to feel good again, in Perpetuity. Call today!

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