Prenatal Massage and Postnatal Massage at Perpetuity Skin + Spa

Massage is known to have many benefits for everyone, but there are some benefits for expectant and new mothers that are not so well known. These benefits are truly amazing! Perpetuity Skin + Spa offers the best therapy tailored to prenatal and postnatal mothers, who, more than most of us, really deserve to feel great.

Prenatal massage performed during pregnancy can help relieve muscle tightness, decrease anxiety and depression, and also help with joint pain. According to the American Pregnancy Association, prenatal massage can also improve labor outcomes and newborn health if massage is incorporated into regular prenatal care. Stress is greatly reduced due to massage, and this is a huge reason for the improved well-being of both mother and baby. Plus, harmful hormones are reduced, and beneficial hormones are increased! This happens all naturally in your body, thanks to massage!

Our Licenced Massage Therapists at Perpetuity Skin + Spa offer these moms the best treatments tailored to their body’s evolving needs. Many moms cite reduced back pain, reduced hip and joint pain, improved circulation, reduced swelling (those ankles!), and reduced muscle tension and the associated headaches of tightness. The result of feeling better is reduced stress and anxiety and better rest, sleeping better! It’s amazing how well you feel after a prenatal massage or postnatal massage at Perpetuity Skin + Spa.

So what about after the baby comes? Should you just stop getting your momma focused massages? NAH! You still deserve to feel amazing! In fact, you now deserve it more than ever! And, there are benefits for your changing body.

Postnatal massage is going to help in regulating your postpartum hormones and help you heal faster. This is important for you and for your baby so that you can both be at your best! Hormone regulation is also important to continue the stimulation of breast milk, if you decide to breastfeed.

You are going to be spending a lot of time tending to a new baby. You may not realize that you are holding your head differently while breastfeeding, or standing with a bit of a slouch, but all of the sudden your neck will be tight, or your low back will hurt. Plan ahead and massage will be able to help relieve the soreness from those tense and tight muscles. Not to mention, your body is still healing, and massage is a great way to facilitate that!

Possibly the number one reason for postnatal massage is stress relief. You have a lot going on with the new little one home, but don’t forget to take care of yourself! You deserve a little time for yourself and it is beneficial as well. It is worth it for everyone!

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Elevate Your Massage Experience at Perpetuity Skin + Spa with CBD

If you’ve ever suffered from sore muscles or just wanted to indulge in some much-deserved self care, you’ve probably turned to massage therapy. Whether deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone, trigger point, or sport, you know a good massage can do wonders for body, mind, and spirit. The Massage Therapists at Perpetuity spoil you with these techniques, and are now adding CBD to the mix.

Massage therapy has been around for over 6,000 years, with its roots in the Hindu healing art of Ayurveda. Despite these ancient origins, massage is as popular and in-demand as ever, a trusted option to relieve pain, stress, and tension. But why is massage so overwhelmingly popular? Because it works. But for a modality that’s been around for literally thousands of years, it is incredibly adaptable to keep up with the times. A perfect example? The CBD Massage Experience at Perpetuity Skin + Spa.

First, what exactly is CBD oil? CBD oil is the CBD isolate pulled from the hemp plant through CO2 extraction and then diffused into a carrier oil, typically coconut-based MCT oil or hemp seed oil. Every CBD product, whether topical, tincture, edible, capsule or even bath bombs, is then made that CBD oil. Because massage incorporates some form of oil to make the therapist’s hands glide more easily over the skin, CBD oil makes the perfect addition to this deeply healing practice.

Why is CBD oil so beneficial for massage? Your skin is the largest organ of our body, and like the rest of your body, it has cannabinoid receptors, which are part of your body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS. The ECS is integral to keeping all of your body’s systems in balance, including mood, temperature, digestion, immunity, and even sleep. Because CBD has shown to interact positively with the ECS and cannabinoid receptors, it can help to support balance and to ease stress and pain. And since pure, hemp-derived CBD products are formulated to contain minimal or no THC, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without any psychoactive properties at Perpetuity Skin + Spa.

Our CBD Massage Experience combines the best of science and self-care to provide a deeply soothing, relaxing, and therapeutic experience. Using a Deep Tissue massage technique, our massage therapists leverage the healing power of CBD to treat sports recovery, injuries and sore muscles, elevating your general health and wellness, and improving your relaxation and stress relief.
Even if you regularly have massage therapy, you may notice CBD massage benefits can include an added level of calm, relaxation, and tension relief as the CBD oil sinks into the skin and begins to interact with your cannabinoid receptors. Another added CBD massage benefit is how good CBD oil is for the skin. Hemp-derived CBD oil is a natural source of omega fatty acids, terpenes, and vitamins, all of which nourish your skin. And because CBD oil is similar to other oils, it will leave your skin feeling deeply hydrated and replenished, without a sticky or oily residue.
Why wait? Book the best CBD massage near you here at Perpetuity Skin + Spa on Vista Avenue in Boise. Let our Licensed Massage Therapists spoil you today!