Gel X Nails on the Boise Bench

Gel-X manicures are rapidly becoming a favorite for those seeking long, natural-looking nails here in Boise. Here’s everything you need to know about this popular nail choice of those looking for the durability of hard gel and the length of acrylic nails right here on the Boise Bench.

Well, what are Gel-X nails?
Gel-X nails are a type of artificial nail that provides the length and durability of acrylics with a more natural look and feel. Unlike acrylics, which are built directly on the nail bed, Gel-X uses pre-made tips made from soft gel polish. These tips are applied over your natural nails and cured under a UV or LED lamp for a seamless look.

Ok, what’s in it for my nails?
Gel-X nails look and feel very natural, as they are much thinner than acrylics. They also last incredibly long, which is why our clients here at Perpetuity Skin + Spa love Gel-X nails. Anyone ready to work in their garden this spring in Boise and wants a durable manicure should seriously consider a Gel-X.

How Gel-X Manicures Work:

  1. Prep work: Your nails will be cleaned, buffed, and prepped to ensure proper adhesion.
  2. Tip Selection & Application: The technician will select the right size and shape tip for each of your nails. The tips are then secured to your natural nails with a special gel adhesive and cured under a lamp.
  3. Shaping & Polishing: Once the tips are secured, your nails will be shaped and filed to your desired look. Finally, gel polish is applied for color and shine.

Is Gel-X Right for You?
Gel-X manicures are a great option for those who want long, natural-looking nails without the commitment of acrylics. They are also ideal for people who are prone to chipped nails or weak natural nails.

Looking for a Gel-X Manicure?

Visit Perpetuity Skin + Spa! Our experienced and certified nail technicians can provide you with a beautiful and long-lasting Gel-X manicure. Contact us or visit us on the Boise Bench!