ASHIATSU MASSAGE – Deep Tissue Massage That’s Next Level

ASHIATSU MASSAGE – Deep Tissue Massage That’s Next Level

Ashiatsu Massage — also known as Barefoot Massage -or, as one client called it, “It’s Like I Just Got Two Massages in One!” What is it? A whole lot of amazing GLIDING. The soles of the foot replace hands in Ashiatsu Massage, moving blood and lymph while palpating deeper layers of muscle tissue with a gliding compression. Literally, the soles of the foot replace hands for this truly amazing work. And the padding of the soles of the feet can sink deeper into tissue with much less resistance and discomfort than elbows, forearms, fists, or any of the sharper tools such as knuckles/fists, elbows, and forearms. And then, there’s the gravity! That’s the cherry on top. Gravity allows tissue to respond faster and better, but also does not interrupt or at all detract from your relaxation vibe here at Perpetuity Skin + Spa on the Boise Bench.

So, what’s the difference between Ashiatsu and other types of massage? The main differences to hand-modalities of Ashiatsu are: the draping, and the client fighting the thought “how is this even happening with her foot?” from occurring all throughout the treatment. The drapes, draping, equipment, and methods we use at Perpetuity provide so much comfort to the client. I’f you’ve had massage before, the draping (bedding) and your body is exposed back, and each leg. Ashiatsu draping is different but it’s barely noticeable, because for the gliding needed, the client receives what’s called a half-drape. One of the client’s sides remains open for gliding. The client also forgets about feet, the soles feel like a soft, padded, giant hand, excellent at delivering massage.

And on the feet, let’s talk about our therapists’ feet! They are clean, and I mean CLEAN. There’s a protocol for the feet washing, the sterile footwear placed on after that, which ensures you are getting them fresh. We’re a highly hygiene focused day spa – washing feet the same way we wash our hands is mandatory! Foot preparation makes clients guess whether it’s hands or feet due to the softness and warmth of that first touch, and that’s just the way we like it.

Ashiatsu is also better for the therapists’ bodies. This is not to be understated. Massage is given with a body, and the wellbeing of that body is highly subject to injuries from repetitive motion. Lumbar, wrist and hand injuries especially can become the reason a massage therapist leaves her practice. Ashiatsu is far healthier for the therapists, too!

Come try it for yourself, or book a little something to go with it, a facial, perhaps? Come see the best massage and facial spa in Boise! Perpetuity Skin + Spa on Vista offers all you need to feel great again.