Best Spa Boise

Our Values

Best Spa Boise

At Perpetuity Skin + Spa in Boise, Idaho, we take our client experience very seriously. From the moment you walk in, every one of our guests is treated with gratitude that they chose us to spend their self-care time. From our massages, body treatments and scrubs, relaxing facials and skin resurfacing, float therapy, and yoga, we are often cited as “the best spa experience” - and that truly is our goal. We aim to have our clients leave feeling so good, that they want to do good, in their lives, their families, and their communities, all because they took some time for themselves and got the best spa refresh in Boise. You can read our reviews for yourselves, we don’t solicit them, or offer discounts for giving us reviews, our clients are fans of feeling good and what that does in their lives. And our team of healing artists strives to be the best spa in Boise, of Idaho, of anywhere, it’s just the way we approach the work we do at Perpetuity.

What our clients say

"I enjoyed a float and de-stress massage. The staff was professional and customized my experience. Great way to feel good again! Will be back!"

- Sara Newton