Float Therapy Jun 5, 2024

Float Therapy Boise

Facts about Float Therapy at Perpetuity Skin + Spa on the Boise Bench

Unwind and rediscover yourself with the profound benefits of float therapy. Here at Perpetuity Skin + Spa, we offer a haven for complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Effortless Floatation: Immerse yourself in a weightless experience. Each pod is filled with a solution of Epsom salts, allowing you to effortlessly float without strain.

Uncompromising Purity: We prioritize the highest water quality. Each pod undergoes a meticulous filtration process, ensuring crystal-clear, triple-purified water for every float.

Safety and Comfort: Float therapy is a natural and safe path to renewal. The buoyant water ensures you’ll float comfortably, even if you drift off to sleep.

Scientifically Backed Benefits: Discover the power of floatation. Studies reveal a range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits, including stress and pain reduction.

A Time-Tested Tradition: Modern float therapy boasts over 60 years of research, but the practice itself stretches back millennia, with roots in the Middle East.

Unparalleled Privacy: Your privacy is our priority. Each float session takes place in a private room with a personal pod and shower.

Your Comfort, Your Choice: Take control of your environment. Choose to float in complete darkness or customize your experience with adjustable lighting and an open pod.

Peace and Quiet Await: Float in tranquility. Our locations boast soundproof walls, floors, and isolated pump rooms, ensuring a distraction-free experience.

Natural Skin Care: Embrace the skin-softening properties of Epsom salts. Our Epsom salt-rich water leaves your skin feeling smooth and revitalized.

Effortless Preparation: We provide everything you need. From towels and toiletries to earplugs, simply show up and unwind.

Spacious and Inclusive: Our float pods accommodate all body types. Individuals up to 350 pounds can comfortably float and enjoy the benefits.

Pregnancy Haven: Float therapy is not only safe but also encouraged for expecting mothers. Escape the stresses of pregnancy and find deep relaxation.

Spark Your Creativity: Join countless musicians, writers, and creatives who utilize float therapy to enhance their creative flow.

The Perfect Temperature: Immerse yourself in the ideal environment. The water temperature is maintained between 93.5 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, promoting deep relaxation and optimal absorption of the Epsom salts.

Renew, Refresh, Revive: Float therapy liberates your mind and body. Free from distractions, your mind can renew and refresh, while your body unwinds from stress and promotes healing.

Experience the transformative power of float therapy. Book your session at Perpetuity Skin + Spa today!

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