Float Therapy May 24, 2024

Epsom Salt Baths aren’t Just for Movie Stars

So…. earlier this month during the melee that is the Met Gala, actress Jessica Biel shared on TikTok that the night before the event, she soaked in 20lbs of Epsom Salt for 30 minutes, or as long as she could (she got the water super-hot, which I’m sure makes one want to bail on the bath after a minute). She referred to this ritual of hers as kind of a red-carpet pre-game, a way to prep her body and her mind for the marathon event. She said it makes her feel “confident.” Biel revealed the bath helped her sleep well for the event, and she awoke rested, and feeling good. Jessica Biel was readying herself for this event like an athlete prepares for a race.

“Epsom salt baths is a tool I love and use for all things, after traveling, sore muscles, of course, magnesium, absolutely, to sleep well, to de-stress, to, you know, just feel confident in your body to go to a big event like the Met Ball, which is what I was utilizing it for,” the actress said.

But people were genuinely alarmed by her Epsom salt amount, 5 huge bags! “It’s an alarming amount of salt!” one comment read, “nobody needs that much salt in their bath!” read another comment.

Jessica Biel was getting trolled online for deciding to put 20 pounds of Epsom salt in her personal bathtub.

The float tanks at Perpetuity Skin + Spa contain over 1,000 pounds of the stuff. Our float therapy is .2% of the bathtub equivalent.

Why did Jessica Biel do the salt bath at home to prepare for a big event? To ease muscle pain, boost magnesium intake, and to reduce inflammation. She let mother nature do her job, and it works.

Taking an Epsom salt bath is a common practice for relaxation and muscle pain relief. Athletes, for instance, frequently soak their feet in Epsom salt solutions. However, the large quantity of Epsom salt (20 pounds) suggests that Jessica might be seeking something beyond stress relief. Epsom salt breaks down in water, releasing magnesium and sulfate. These minerals are be absorbed through the skin. Win-win!

The most important thing to remember if you’re doing a salt bath at home or enjoying a post float glow at Perpetuity Skin + Spa is hydration. You should try to arrive hydrated, and drink lots of fresh water after. This maximizes the natural cleansing effect of that huge magnesium hit you just too.

We would never shame those who dump a large amount of salt into their bath, just for that reason alone. We may tease them a bit because, like…why? Just come float at Perpetuity Skin + Spa during your next spa day, or before your next big event. Wedding. Graduation. It being Thursday. Every day is a good day for the mineral bath that is Epsom salt float therapy.

Jessica Biel feels confident after using the healing power of Epsom salt. I have felt relaxed after, I’ve felt energized after, but the bottom line is I always feel better after floating.

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