Facial Feb 9, 2024

The Celluma LED Facial

Are you looking for a non-invasive facial treatment that enables relaxation, and you get to just lie down? No pain, no downtime, no redness, no problem. Then you’re ready for the Celluma LED Custom Facial. Using the only FDA approved ultraviolet light to transform the visible energy from light into something cellular, which aids in transdermal skin rejuvenation. This basically means that different wavelengths of light are being used to penetrate the skin. The most common wavelengths we use are red light therapy and blue light therapy. They are both safe and absolutely painless, making it a popular choice for our clients at Perpetuity Skin + Spa looking for an alternative or complementary treatment for their skin health.

Red light therapy promotes the production of ATP in cells. Red light is the key to cellular division and younger skin. It promotes collagen and elastin production, resulting in smoother, more youthful skin with decreased wrinkles. Additional advantages include the improvement of sun-damaged skin, vascular lesions, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Blue light therapy is used in acne management mainly, as it’s a proven to kill bacteria. Blue light therapy is also utilized in reducing inflammation, rosacea, keratosis pilaris, eczema, and oil and congestion on the skin.

We pair these magical and effective lights with a Dermaplane technique in this facial. The Dermaplane is the unsung hero of low-technology.
Dermaplaning involves using a sharp blade to scrape off the top layer of dead skin cells, which can help to brighten the complexion and make it easier for skincare products or light therapies to penetrate the skin.

To get the best results possible in skin exfoliation and rejuvenation, we recommend combining Dermaplaning LED Light Therapy and getting our Celluma LED Custom Facial at Perpetuity Skin + Spa. This facial works wonders at helping you get clear skin, get rid of peach fuzz, diminish wrinkles, and enhance your skin tone. Our highly trained estheticians are willing to help you improve your skincare routine in the treasure valley. Contact us today to set up a skin analysis consultation and find out how to take your skin to the next level with Celluma LED light therapy and dermaplaning at Perpetuity Skin + Spa in Boise.

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