General, Self Care Jan 20, 2023

2023…Let’s Get it Started!

With every new year there comes new year’s resolutions. Whether your goal is to lose weight, eat healthier, be more prompt, or maybe just to plan better. There are hundreds of different resolutions you could set for yourself. But what is the best way to both treat yourself this year, and do something to help improve yourself?

The best thing to do it so skip the resolution, make a goal instead. Goals are specific and actionable while resolutions tend to be vague and difficult to define. At Perpetuity Skin + Spa in Boise, we want you to make achievable and lasting goals to live a better life by working toward wellness. Our vision is to be your sustainable guide to self care, and help you set some actionable, reasonable goals in getting there. So let’s get going on some ideas!

Investing in yourself this year, should start with an investment into your long term skin care routine. Investing now in your skin will not only help improve the current state of your skin, but will have a long term benefit to your skin, and the earlier you start investing in your skin, the better off you will be as your skin ages.

Specific goals for skincare in 2023:

  1. Commit to cleansing! Twice a day. The second your pores get dirty, they become more noticeable, so commit to a routine of cleansing morning and night.
  2. Mask up! Not COVID style masking up, but twice a week, apply a mask to your face to remove dirt and toxins from pores. Special bonus is pores will appear smaller. Twice a week.
  3. Be fierce about protection! SPF of at least 30 daily. One day in the sun can prevent months of work. AND, your skin health is more than vanity. Sunglasses, hats, umbrellas, just get into it! Time to be serious about sun protection, once and for all.

So there you have a daily goals and weekly goals. Be mindful. Be committed. Be good, in Perpetuity.

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