Self Care Jun 9, 2022


How to Sunbathe Safely, in Perpetuity 😉

SUN TIME? Sunbathing…the Esthetics team at Perpetuity Skin + Spa have it as a hard NO in terms of hobbies, but realistically, being in the sun, it just happens. YES, they’d rather you fake your way to tan, but being in the sun over the upcoming summer is inevitable (and it’s Boise, so HOT!). There are many benefits to getting some sun here and there, without damaging your body’s largest organ. Sunlight boosts serotonin, and is a kiss of Vitamin D, all good for your bones, teeth, nails and hair. So, what’s a human to do to be in the sun and not cause damage?

SPF, so….you need SPF 30+. Always, always, wear sunscreen…it’s one of the main things you just have to do to prevent like a zillion types of premature aging. Physical sunscreens provide a skin barrier that reflects the sun’s rays and prevents UV penetration. Reapply your SPF every 2 hours, after swimming, sweating or anything wet. And keep your eyes peeled for the areas we forget: lips, ears, knees. (Lip balms are specially made for this purpose, too, like the tremendous Solar Stick by @thebodydeli).

ANTIOXIDANTS! Your serum is the superpower underneath your SPF…and that serum is giving you many antioxidants. Think of antioxidants as the Robin to the SPF Batman, an extra defense layer and power player. Antioxidant rich foods also help boost your SPF while calming your skin. We love the Vita-C Serum by The Body Deli – for all skin types, it is clinically proven to correct cellular damage. So, put that under your SPF and get ready for more benefits than you thought!

WEAR A HAT. Find a cute one. So easy to do, and makes poolside reading SO MUCH EASIER! Not just protecting your face, but your scalp, another one of those overlooked skin areas needing your help to best defend itself.

In the NO-NO category, being out all day, being out in the sun after a significant chemical exfoliation, and hands off the retinoils. Limit your time out in the sun, try 30 minutes, that’s a nice amount to be protected and to get the glorious benefits of the sun.

Sunbathe safely, and with as many benefits as possible, in Perpetuity 🙂

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