Facial, Self Care Jun 9, 2022

Skin Positivity Rules

Being kind…to your skin. Skin Positivity – it’s a thing. It’s been all over the socials for a while now, folks acknowledging their “less than perfect” skin, and posting unfiltered photos of un made up faces, showcasing their “shameful” acne, rosacea and other blemishes that are deemed unsightly, and I don’t know about you, but at Perpetuity Skin + Spa, we are here for it. Our own Nekane documented her acne journey, and while gutsy, shows others we all struggle, even those in Esthetics aren’t born with perfect skin. And while we are all for you coming in and finding yourself a great esthetician here at Perpetuity who understands you and your skincare needs, we also believe your beauty regimen should be a part of your self-care routine and something that you take pleasure in, not something you dread because you’re angry with your skin. Give yourselves a break! Believe it or not, not a single person is flawless, so why are you beating yourself up trying to be? Embrace all that is you and the beautiful skin that protects you every day.

We know, easier said than done, huh? We get it, it’s hard to embrace the things we’ve been hearing over, and over, and over, we should be upset about, and should be disguising, covering, fixing and hiding. We want you to move out of the shame. Give yourself a break! Trying to be insta-flawless is exhausting. Mentally and physically, all that ALSO takes a toll on your skin. Stress causes issues, wrinkles and the like. Stop. Breathe.
Speak to yourself with kindness. Negative self-talk is invasive and defeating. THAT’S A WASTE OF TIME, YO. It breeds and strengthens insecurities and can cause us to hold ourselves back. Try giving yourself 3 compliments for every negative thing you caught yourself thinking about your skin. Changing these thought patterns doesn’t happen overnight. Like most things worth becoming good at, it takes patience and practice, so don’t beat yourself up if you struggle at first. Try it, get back into a skin positive headspace.

Last idea is take a break from social media, or use it to connect with others who embrace all skin, not just those highlighting the flawless and fabulous. Reach out to them, connect and share your story. We all need support and thrive when we have it, in Perpetuity 🙂

CHEERS, to whatever skin you’re in. It’s your lifeline, and it’s incredible.

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