Float Therapy Jan 2, 2020

Floatation Therapy – Surprising Mental + Physical Benefits

The benefits of float therapy are numerous and far-reaching. From students, to creatives and professionals, we would all enjoy experiencing a boost in our capability to learn, think and problem solving. Floating can do just that. Time spent in a float tank can greatly enhance cognitive powers.

Ever had a sudden thought in the shower? Those “Eureka” moments often come alongside a rest or respite, when our mind and body have had the opportunity to relax. Taking a break can boost our creativity and problem-solving. While daydreaming, our brains enjoy what we often refer to as downtime, a rest during the day. After this, we think better, we problem solve better, we just feel better.

This is where floating comes in! At Perpetuity Skin + Spa we know that with external sources of distraction removed, our floatation therapy will provide you an extreme form of rest. Float therapy will amplify the benefits of letting your mind wander. Floating also promotes learning and memory in more indirect manners – mostly by helping you sleep better. Sleep is a most critical factor in developing long lasting memories – so before your next exam, take a float and see for yourself the impact this type of respite can have.

Feeling creatively stuck? Take a float and choose an intention. “I am now setting the intention to get new inspiration.” The trick is to relax about the subject and be presently aware of anything that could help or enhance what you want to create. By setting an intention, your mind will be looking for validation of what you want to create, regardless of the topics that wander through your mind in the tank.

The physical benefits of floatation therapy are also far reaching. The sheer luxury of soaking your entire body in the soothing Epsom salts is more than enough to ensure relaxation and rest with endorphins as natural painkillers rushing through your body. But in addition to the serene and comfortable environment of a soundproof tank and lying immersed in darkness, floatation therapy is a sore body’s dream-come-true. Floating helps reduce lactic acid and pain levels, while exercise-induced cortisol is also lowered as a result of floating.

Chronic pain and lasting tension in your body are also significantly lowered over time, which means that the more often you indulge in floatation, the greater the rewards you will reap, increasing your focus, improving your physical performance and strengthen your mind-muscle connection. Due to the aforementioned relaxing effects, your quality of sleep and immune function also improve, helping your body recuperate even after you leave the tank and head home.

Floating in a weightless state and immersed in Epsom salts is a perfect solution for athletes who need to keep their workouts and recovery safe, in order to go back to their next routine stress and pain-free, and ready for their next PR. Combined with a solid diet plan and an exercise routine to match your abilities, recovery in the form of floating will ensure that your muscles and your nervous system are up to the task at hand, whatever it may be.

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