Float Therapy Dec 23, 2019

Why You Should Be Doing Flotation Therapy on the Regular

At Perpetuity Skin + Spa, many of our loyal float therapy clients began their self-care journey by asking, “Why should I do this?” Since you may be asking yourself the same questions, below are the reasons we’ve come to recommend and endorse float therapy for clients, and why we personally do it, too.

First, it feels so good! Floating is simply an enjoyable sensation in itself. There is nothing like the feeling of the effortlessly floating in skin-temperature water while Epsom salts are utterly silky on the skin. After a float, you come out feeling fresh and relaxed as well. The more often you float the better your body comes to embrace these feelings.

The next benefit of float therapy is its deep relaxation. What makes for deep relaxation is the amount of theta waves produced by the brain. These are much slower but more powerfully rhythmic brain waves. Theta waves are typically produced in that halfway conscious state most commonly just before waking up and falling asleep. The amazing thing about floating is it’s the most efficient and easy way to create this deeply meditative state. Regular floating will enable your body to become even more accustomed to this relaxation response, making it easier and more effective with continued practice.

Floating is also a stress buster! It’s easy for stress to build up and accumulate with all the demands of everyday life. We all acknowledge that stress isn’t good for you. It makes us less healthy, less productive, and more tense. And yet we seem to put up with it anyway like it’s an inevitable part of life. It doesn’t have to be that way. Floating has been shown to lower stress levels and increase endorphins in the body, the effects of which are very commonly reported. Frequent floating will stop stress from accumulating and will keep you a healthier and more productive person. Plus, it feels great to not have that constant weighty feeling on your shoulders.

Floating naturally relieves pain and tension. For those who deal with regular pain or tension pain relief is not always easy to come by. Usually pain can be relieved either by pain killing drugs, vigorous exercise, or relaxation. However, the former two are not always appropriate remedies. Not everyone is able to exercise as much as they need it, and not everyone wants to be dependent on drugs for relief either. That leaves the possibility of relaxation, but that is often not easy to come by, especially if you’re in pain which is exactly what makes it hard to relax in the first place. Fortunately, that’s where floating comes in, and it is especially helpful for those restricted in their movements. The effortless floating in warm water is perfect for triggering the body’s relaxation response, and thereby releasing endorphins. The endorphins released by relaxing are the body’s natural pain killer. Floating also helps physically relieve tension in muscles, joints, and bones with the minimum pressure possible. The warm temperature also helps to stimulate circulation, while the relaxation response steadies blood pressure. For those regularly dealing with pain or restricted movement capabilities, floating is a perfect tool for providing relaxation relief that can often be so elusive.

After a float, your sleep tank will be FULL. Too many of us simply do not get enough restful sleep. Quality sleep often gets pushed aside for tight work schedules, projects and assignments or simply for the sake of entertainment. No matter your sleep habits, floating will still improve your restfulness and quality of sleep. Floating does this in two ways: it helps reduce factors that deprive sleep quality, and the relaxation of the float itself is itself also restful. Stress, tension, and pain are all factors that deprive sleep quality. The relaxation response triggered by floating helps reduce these factors, and regular floating will keep these factors in check. Floating can catch you up on sleep, but more importantly it primes your body to slip into even more restfully deep, higher quality sleep later on.

Lastly, there are mental benefits of floating. With no other outside distractions, it’s just you, the warm water, and your thoughts. This makes it the perfect time for some self-reflection. It’s a time to slow down and process what’s going on in your life, and get some fresh perspective. Floating will remove the distractions and stress bogging you down, giving you the time to think and come up with solutions. Though it is a halfway conscious state much like a nap, going into a float with the goal of solving creative problems will prime yourself for coming up with creative solutions and a fresh take on things.

The bottom line of these benefits is, the more often you float, the better your results. We offer floatation therapy in 60, 90 and 120 – minute increments at Perpetuity Skin + Spa. There are all sorts of reasons to float but we believe floating regularly is the best way of getting even more of the results you want. You’ll be a healthier, more relaxed, less stressed, calmer, better performing version of yourself. At Perpetuity Skin + Spa, we know with float therapy you will feel good, and do good. Give it a try – you deserve it.


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